Dr Who Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition

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Dr Who - Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition

Dr Who Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition This feature-length episode was filmed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dr Who Starring five of the Doctors (Peter Davison Patrick Troughton Jon Pertwee Richard Hurndall and Tom Baker) This special 25th anniversary edition includes new special effects and extra footage not included in the original broadcast Min2 DiscsClosed Caption N A mysterious figure begins to use a Time Scoop to bring the previous incarnations of the Doctor, some of his former companions (Susan Foreman, Sarah Jane Smith, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) and archenemies (including the Daleks and Cybermen) into the Death Zone on Gallifrey. Though the figure is able to bring the First, Second, and Third Doctor into the zone, the Fourth Doctor along with Romana becomes stuck in the time vortex. The Fifth Doctor, while relaxing on the Eye of Orion with Tegan and Turlough, suddenly feels pains as his former selves are taken from their time streams, and returns everyone to the TARDIS. The various Doctors, recognising the Death Zone, direct their companions towards the large tower near its center, avoiding the various foes and monsters that have also been forced to take part in the deadly Games. On Gallifrey, the High Council of Time Lords, headed by Lord President Borusa and consisting of Chancellor Flavia and the Castellan, learn of the reactivation of the Death Zone, the abduction of the Doctor's former selves from the time line, and the drain of power from the Eye of Harmony resulting from those. They reluctantly agree to call the Master to assist the Doctors in the Death Zone, offering him a pardon and a new set of regenerations should he cooperate. The Master agrees, and accepts a copy of the Seal of the High Council to prove to the Doctors that he is working for them, and a transmat device that he can use to escape the Death Zone. In the Death Zone, the Master first encounters the Third Doctor, who accuses him of faking the Seal, and then the Fifth Doctor; when they are attacked by Cybermen, the Master is knocked out. The Fifth Doctor discovers the transmat device and uses it to return to the Capitol, where he is informed of the situation by the Council. The Doctor, suspecting foul play, discovers that the transmat device included a homing beacon that would lure the Cybermen to it, and the Castellan is arrested on charges of being a traitor. A search of the Castellan's chambers reveals the Black Scrolls of Rassilon, purportedly containing forbidden Time Lord knowledge. Borusa burns the scrolls and orders the Castellan to be mind probed for interrogation, but the Castellan escapes and is shot down by a Citadel guard. Borusa considers the matter closed, but the Doctor confides in Flavia his doubts. When the two try to find Borusa in the Council room, they find him missing. The Doctor discovers a secret room, where he finds Borusa at the controls of the Time Scoop. Borusa desires to be President Eternal of Gallifrey and is intent on seeking immortality from the Tomb of Rassilon, which is hidden in the tower in the Death Zone. He had brought the Doctor and his former selves to the tower in order to clear the various hazards and traps within. Borusa uses the Coronet of Rassilon to overpower the Doctor's will, taking momentary control of him.


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