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Our shop is a treasure box full of Doctor Who inspiration, accessory ideas, and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. Whether you're looking for a timeless treasure or for that elusive piece of Memorabilia, we can help!  Opened in July 2015 the Shop catters for the True Collector , and fan.  The shop offers a unique chance to see a large collection of Doctor Who Products Call us or visit our showroom in West Ryde today for more details on our service. 

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"We had an excellent experience shopping at Who Central. John was very friendly and helpful and our sons bought great Dr Who items at good prices." -- Mike Bryan
"Super happy good sizing. Shirt fits really good" -- Lauren
"Amazing collection from every Doctor." -- Mark, Darlinghurst

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Doctor Who first appeared on BBC TV at 17:16:20 GMT, eighty seconds after the scheduled programme time, 5:15 pm, on Saturday, 23 November 1963. It was to be a regular weekly programme, each episode 25 minutes of transmission length. Discussions and plans for the programme had been in progress for a year. The head of drama, Canadian Sydney Newman, was mainly responsible for developing the programme, with the first format document for the series being written by Newman along with the head of the script department Donald Wilson and staff writer C. E. Webber. Writer Anthony Coburn, story editor David Whitaker and initial producer Verity Lambert also heavily contributed to the development of the series.The programme was originally intended to appeal to a family audience, as an educational programme using time travel as a means to explore scientific ideas and famous moments in history.

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